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Keith and past lives

Nov 20, 1995 09:19 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Thanks to Keith for a forward-thinking discussion of several
issues notably heredity which must find its proper place in
any religio-philosophical explanation of human individuality.

My comment is on the reading of past lives. In studying the
Cayce material I'm finding plenty of evidence that the
collective unconscious was indeed the source of archetypal
patterns appearing in alleged past lives. Also that Cayce's
personal unconscious interfered by interjecting themes
consistent with previous readings. But the dubious past-life
material seems to be remote in time; details about Atlantis or
Egypt or Palestine that just don't jive with history appear in
these readings. On the other hand the more recent past-life
material seems much more specific authentic and likely to
check out when investigated. This suggests that the ability to
access recent lives with accurate detail is greater than the
ability to go into the distant past. Don't know how this
relates to the collective unconscious but it seems to factor
into the general theme Keith is addressing.

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