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Phists vs. Phers

Nov 20, 1995 09:11 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Richard's comments about Theosophists and theosophers resonate
with how I've been feeling about the former. Herewith some

Theosophists are passive; theosophers active.

Theosophists see HPB as a unique mediator between humanity and
the Masters a Messenger with a capital M. Theosophers see HPB
as a role model someone who sought and found direct contact
with sources of inspiration and information rather than taking
anything 3rd hand.

Theosophists when presented with a new idea ask "how does
this fit with what I already know and believe?" Theosophers
in the same circumstances ask "does this have the ring of
truth regardless of my preconceptions?"

Theosophists see the Theosophical Movement as central to their
view of history. Theosophers are centered in the eternal now.

Theosophists consume theosophers produce.

Theosophists analyze; theosophers synthesize.

Just some variations on a theme.

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