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Re: HPB in the news

Nov 17, 1995 07:36 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

My NJ TS Branch once went visiting a Steiner place near us. Their
science was derived from Goethe 1749-1832 who was *the* German
Shakespeare & also dabbled in the natural sciences. So what Steiner
built on might be outdated but Goethe was known as a multi faceted
genius not a charlatan. I don't know about the school. We didn't
look at it. We were more interested in the old people's accomodations.
They had 02 MD's who used
alternate healing ways first & only if they didn't work did they
use allopathic medicines. The place was spotless and had Swiss style
buildings located in little rolling hills. very pretty. They had the good
idea to have the more dependent elderly taken care of on a 01 to 01
basis by some mildly retarded attendants who did a real good job.
There were also activities such as weaving & raising their own
vegetables & printing up Steiner material. I was a little disturbed
because one had to believe in
the Christ within & the Buddha within wasn't acceptable. As for anti
semitism I never read much of Steiner's lit but I was
told there were several Jewish residents on the premises. I also
think the old man who took us around was flirting with one of the
young women on the staff & I didn't think that was very apropos
while he was showing us the place. The drug store had quite a
nice selection of herbal products.


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