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Re: Daath & Qlippoth

Nov 15, 1995 03:51 PM
by guru

> Alan:
> >Shells are containers like our bodies. That's it. Grant is
> >mild compared to "The Master Bertiaux" ...
> True. I was given a copy of his Voudon Gnostic Workbook
> Magickal Childe and was unable to tell if he was serious or just
> trying to pull my leg. But Bertiaux was supposedly Grant's guru
> so I don't know ...

As Crowley pulled more legs than anyone I guess his followers
are subject to the same tendency - only too many of them seem to
think it's for real ... :- His best work was ~The Book of Thoth~.

> Alan:
> > In the Tree
> >of Jacob's Ladder which I have had endorsed by a latter-day
> >Jewish 'Hasid as 100% compatible with their version of Kabala
> >the sephira Daath usually depicted in the center of an Abyss
> >disappears whenever a [rising] shift in awareness/ consciousness
> >occurs and becomes the foundation or Yesod of the next level
> >up.
> I would agree that Daath is located in the Abyss
> at the separation between the higher 03 Sephiroth and the
> lower 7. In fact in a sense it IS that separation.

Consider it on the scale of a single Tree of Life as a
function of Tiphareth where Tiphareth = Soul/Self in a Jungian
sense. It is the link between the lower and the higher levels
however we look at it.

> Magic
> schools take the Qabalistic idea a little further and have
> detailed the Abyss in ways probably never dreamed of by
> the old Jewish Qabalistis. This is especially true for
> Crowley and his OTO.

Who took it all the way to the point of complete lunacy ...

> I am not trained in Kabbalah but
> rather in Qabala - the New Age magical version. All I can
> say is that it works quite well and it is a most intriguing
> subject.

It also produces a great deal of material that can only have
come from the rear end of the bull .... I know - I used to talk
it and even for a while taught it. The real thing is better.

> You seem to be saying that Daath contains
> a "wormhole" to the Yesod of Yetzirah a road from Assiah
> to Yetzirah?.

Not that it contains it. It *is* it. Likewise from Yetzirah to
Briah and Briah to Atziluth. Sounds like you need my "Keys to
Kabbalah" in hardcopy privately printed by me. This has the
necessary diagrams to follow the teaching.

> Most magic schools as far as I know don't
> make much use of the four "worlds" of Assiah Yetzirah
> Briah and Atziluth but rather stick only to the 10 Sephiroth
> viewing the spheres on separate cosmic planes all the
> way up to the highest divinity Kether. Using three extra
> worlds gets messy for those whose interest is mainly
> pathworking.

Shame poor dears! But the teaching explicitly teaches *four
worlds.* "Pathworking" can get anyone believing what they want
to hear all too easily and is in Yetziratic. To the
uninitiated in both senses of the term Briah is both much too
hard work and too frightening. Ignoring the higher worlds
however is simply playing games with the "ancient wisdom."

IMNVHO Qabalists should be issued with T-shirts reading "Let's
create doubtful karma together!"

> Kabbalists I believe teach that the
> Qlippoth are the shells or outer bodies of the spheres
> and exist here in Assiah.

And nowhere else except in the fantasy worlds of those mentioned

> The OTO and the Qabalists
> teach that the Qlippoth exist on a lower cosmic plane
> that our physical plane ......
> Jerry S.

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