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Wilber article

Nov 13, 1995 09:11 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

> Having just received The Quest yesterday I immediately read
> the Wilber piece Keith wrote about. It was most interesting as
> an insight into the psychology of the creative process. To a
> tiny degree I have seen the same thing Wilber talks about. You
> write something that generates controversy and people's desire
> to hash out the issues with you can consume your life. But
> eventually it becomes clear that the only way to open yourself
> up to creating something new is to close yourself off from
> continued feedback about previous things you wrote. Wilber
> with 100 times the creativity and 1000 times the feedback has
> experienced this phenomenon to a much greater degree than I
> have. His personal sharing in the article can be helpful to
> all lesser writers who go through the same cycle.
> What interests me after reading it is whether there is some
> pattern in the length of time this takes. From end of one book
> to beginning of the creative process for the next. Perhaps
> it's entirely idiosyncratic but I bet there are some common
> denominators.

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