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new book "contemporary view of Ancient Wisdom"

Nov 13, 1995 10:37 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Here's a paragraph out of Shirley Nicholson's column in the Fall

"Our other celebrity Frances Vaughan psychotherapist is a
founding member of the transpersonal psychology movement which has
a perspective surprisingly like the theosophical view of human nature
& the Path. Dr. Vaughan's new Quest book

"Shadows of The Sacred"

is a contemporary view of the Ancient Wisdom that is practical and
grounded in experience. "

Judging from Shirley's book "Ancient Wisdom Modern Insight" &
knowning that her husband Bill was always at the forefront of
what was being discovered in his field psychotherapy while he was
alive I would think this is a good book to look into a propos to
bringing theosophy into the 21st century.


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