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Theosophy Forum in Cyberspace

Nov 13, 1995 08:38 PM
by M K Ramadoss


It is several weeks since we had any exchange of messages. Since you are
compiling list of members of Theosophical Society you may be interested to
know that there is a very interesting forum in the US which you may want to
sign up. It is independent of all Theosophical Organizations and I just
discovered it a couple of days ago. Signing up is very simple. Just send a
message to In the message just put in:

subscribe Theos-L

You will automatically copied all messages posted here. It costs nothing to
join this forum.

Since you have complied a list of members with e-mail address I suggest
that you forward this message to every one in your list. I am sure many will
appreciate it.

Also tell us all that is happening at your end. You can send a message to: and all of us will get it.

PS: I do not know if you need to put or something like it to
identify that the e-mail address is in the US. Please check before posting
your message.

MK Ramadoss
*************** **** *****************************************
M K Ramadoss 4203 Gardendale Ste 226 San Antonio TX 78229-3137
210 615-7373

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