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Re: Theosophy Forum in Cyberspace

Nov 13, 1995 08:50 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 114200 AM 11/14/95 -0500 I
>It is several weeks since we had any exchange of messages. Since you are
>compiling list of members of Theosophical Society you may be interested to
>know that there is a very interesting forum in the US which you may want to
>sign up. It is independent of all Theosophical Organizations and I just
>discovered it a couple of days ago. Signing up is very simple. Just send a
>message to In the message just put in:
> subscribe Theos-L
>You will automatically copied all messages posted here. It costs nothing to
>join this forum.
>Since you have complied a list of members with e-mail address I suggest
>that you forward this message to every one in your list. I am sure many will
>appreciate it.
>Also tell us all that is happening at your end. You can send a message to:
> and all of us will get it.
>PS: I do not know if you need to put or something like it to
>identify that the e-mail address is in the US. Please check before posting
>your message.
>MK Ramadoss
> *************** **** *****************************************
> M K Ramadoss 4203 Gardendale Ste 226 San Antonio TX 78229-3137
> 210 615-7373

The above message was copy of a message I sent to Jason Braunstein in
Australia <> who is compiling a list of members of TS
in the cyberspace with a e-mail address. I hope when he broadcasts the above
msg we will have more participants in this newsgroup.

The way I sent the original message it did not show that the message
was a copy of my message to Jason. Sorry for the slip.

MK Ramadoss

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