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Re: Vajrayana Practice & Theosophy

Nov 07, 1995 08:25 PM
by eldon


>It isn't exploring the path by oneself that worries me; after
>all that *is* what we must do. But rather accepting any dead
>teacher as an authority not to be contradicted. If we're in a
>personal relationship there is the possibility of feedback
>about potential misunderstandings. But in the absence of a
>guru we need some kind of feedback from our associates or our
>own judgment that can override what we get out of books.

Granted we don't have the feedback of a non-living theosophical
person to keep us in check. But we do have the writings teachings
to bounce our ideas off of. And we have the karmic circumstances
of our lives to observe for immediate feedback on what we're up
to. It is *less* than having a living Teacher but still *more*
I'd say than taking a completely ad hoc approach without any
Teacher or established school at all.

>"Cornerstone of the future religions of humanity" does not to
>me necessarily mean not-yet-born religions. Theosophy
>has been the cornerstone of a global approach to spirituality
>which will continue to reverberate in Buddhism Hinduism
>Christianity etc.

I'd agree that the theosophical movement will affect Western
and Eastern religions and help them evolve and adapt to the
Western psyche. The "global approach" should refer I'd think
to an attitude or outlook wherein we openly accept everyone's
religions and approaches. This does not preclude specific
religous or Mystery practices arising out of the movement.

The generality of Theosophy is not because it's presented in
a vastly superior manner than approaches in the past. My
interpretation is that it is presented in a generalized manner
to allow specific forms to spontaneously arise out of it in
accord with Western thought. This is akin to holding a weekend
program and allowing the people that come determine its schedule
rather than predefining the events of the weekend in advance.

The raw materials for future religions and philosophies is
presented in an unbiased manner and it ripe for being used
in the formulation of specific approaches.

>Even if the TS were to become extinct
>tomorrow and HPB's books all go out of print and her name be
>forgotten the changes already wrought will continue to help
>shape the future of religion.

True. The changes made to date won't be lost. And they run deeper
than meets the eye. The Teachings themselves in the possession
of the Mahatmas won't be lost. The only loss would be in Western
public access to fragments of the Mystery Tradition the loss of
raw materials out of which future Western Schools could be founded.

>> Any approach that keeps its focus solely on the spiritual
>> or intellectual/spiritual does not run this risk for anything
>> that you do can only be beneficial.

>Here I disagree most sharply. There are plenty of approaches
>that focus solely on the spiritual or intellectual/spiritual
>that are not beneficial but rather the reverse IMO. ... After
>all remember what KH said about 2/3 of the evils that afflict
>humanity. It was religion not psychism to which he
>attributed them.

True. We have 1/3 of the evil from selfishness and the remaining
2/3 from organized religions. We're told that the biggest barrier
to coming into contact with the Masters is "false but sincerely
held beliefs".

My statement was directed to ad hoc spiritual practices where
there's no bona fide Mystery School or spiritual organization to
join. When we're on our own it's far safer I think to stick
to the spiritual and intellectual and not experiment with the
occult arts nor the psychic. Granted of course that people
with natural-born paranormal abilities can learn about what is
happening in their lives.

It's different when we undertake a specific organized spiritual
practice. Then the ground rules and guidelines come from the
practice that we've adopted. The psychic is ok or its banned
depending upon the school and our gurus will oversee our
development according to the practice we're entering upon.

This is a different situation than for the person not inwardly
awakened without that inner spark that grows to a flame and
*forces one to undertake the Path*. Apart from the Path itself
and specific genuine schools that are in support of it there
are many organized religions that exist in varying stages of
corruption. The benefit of any such religion to its membership
will vary depending upon the degree of light that is still
preserved in it the degree of original inspiration.

I'd agree with you when it comes to an organized religion
of the general public variety. Even if such a religion banned
the occult the effect of participating in the religion could
easily be harmful to one's spiritual progress.

-- Eldon

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