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Fraud or not

Nov 07, 1995 06:20 PM
by guru

> Re: fraud or not fraud

> HPB et al have been dead over100 years & all we have is their
> writings. Who's to know? Really know? Shall we send someone
> to Devachan to interview HPB? Maybe some impostors have tried
> that too along with
> maybe 01 or 02 who've really done it. How are we going to sort all that
> out? You tell me!

> Liesel

If I knew you had lied to me I would trust you less and you
would feel the same in reverse circumsances wouldn't you?

We know HPB lied sometimes - she told us she did. We know CWL
got his clairvoyance badly wrong sometimes - the evidence is
clear to see. And so some of us trust the work and writings of
them less than we might have otherwise done.

We also know HPB left us a priceless heritage but that doesn't
make her a saint or a goddess. We also know CWL followed a
theosophical model which I for one find extremely helpful but
that doesn't make either of us an "Adept".

HPB CWL Annie B. you me were or are fallible human beings.
As theosophists we try to work towards a kind of unity expressed
in archaic language by the first object but that doesn't make
*us* saints gods or goddesses either.

I does however show that we care about the truth and its
value *which is written above the TS logo* and which
non-theosophists expect us to aim for. When it is shown that
our founders were sometimes less than perfect and we try to
brush the unpleasant side of history under the carpet no one is
fooled for long the TS and its reputation suffers yet
another karmic blow and the numbers continue to decline.

Our founders *got some things wrong* and we should not be afraid
to admit it.

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