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Re: animal monad revisited

Nov 04, 1995 04:44 PM
by bbrown

>I think I just lately picked up something in the literature which might
>clarify. Some writers inlcuding the ones I'm most familiar with
>use the word "Monad" to denote something which is part of the spritual self.
> Recently I've come
>across the word "Monad" where it's being used synonymously with "Bodies". The
>Animal monad I take from this means the physical human body.
>I still don't like to have it called "animal" because we
>think of that term as being denigrating. It often isn't nice to call a human
>being an animal. Matter of fact I think maybe we ought to apologize
>to the animals for thinking this way but we do.
>As I understand it the animal monad is not the body. It is the original
monad sent forth to inhabit all the kingdoms and make use of the forms
therein made by the elementals out of the essence of that kingdom. The
bodies of the animal kingdom are already made and the monad has evolved to
the animal stage and so takes on an animal body. It evolves into the higher
animal stage and then at the right time returns into the body of a barely
human human where it slowly evolves still called animal monad but as it
seems to me there is also the human monad that was originally sent forth
before the one I am describing evolving on a higher plane along with the
animal one which is learning to become human in a future stage. It gets
complicated but it seems that we have various aspects to us which aren't
apparent to us yet.
de Purucker made a remark that I am trying to unravel as he would not
elaborate. He was talking about how life-atoms float around in and around us
and our bodies and that we are changing and exchanging life-atoms and
comments on how a husband and wife who live closely together can come to
look like each other. He then likens this to pets too how a pet and its
owner can resemble each other. And he says"It is the change of life-atoms
and it is not always good either. It is not good for the pet and it is not
good for the human being." He says there are other seasons too but doesn't
say so in case he upsets pet owners. That sort of led to the monad thing
too. Still none the wiser on that last score. Having a cat for 10 years that
thinks it owns me and would live on my lap permanently and has slept next to
me untill recently I have a vague idea what it might be but it needs a lot
of thinking about.
Regards bee

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