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Re: animal monad revisited

Nov 04, 1995 02:21 PM
by bbrown

>> Jerry S.
>>Hi Jerry
>>That is not actually what he was saying as I am trying to understand. He
>>said that there is also an animal monad in us along with the rest of the
>>monads. We are composite beings and the animal monad in us now becomes a
>>human monad in the next round or something like that. Our present human
>>monad is headed for Dhyan- Chohans at that time. He is at pains to point out
>>he is not talking about our rupas bodies. Maybe it is the human-animal
>>monad as distinct from the animal-animal monad that sort of oversees the
>>body and the elemental essences that make it up.
>>The animal-animal monad needs a spell as human-animal monad so to evolve to
>>To understand something properly I need to convert it into simpler terms and
>>that ain't so easy with all this stuff. It is like I paint myself a mental
>>picture of what I am trying to understand and once it starts to look like a
>>painting then I begin to understand.
>>Many thanks Bee
>My first reaction to this post was "huh?". There's been a lot of talk on the
>list about how new-comers feel about TS and how the books needs to have the
>language updated and how the educational materials need to be redone. The
>conversation strikes to the heart of the matter. I'm sure that those with
a few
>years or more than a few years of study can into this stuff and understand the
>lingo but the new guy would be running for the ARE.
>I dropped out of Akbar Lodge in Chicago when I had the chance to join a study
>group that began with Introductory Study Course to Theosophy. Globes? Rounds?
>I didn't have clue and stayed with the study group until a couple of weeks ago
>when ran out of people. I went back to Akbar Lodge more confident but still
>sure that I don't know anywhere near what the others do.
>Have you noticed how many people involved with TS have teaching degrees at
>universities? A friend told me that most people read on the level of a
>third-grader. Where does that leave TS?
>- ann
I guess I am stubborn and I seem to have this inner urge to KNOW. Know what
has been the problem and I have been looking for 20 odd years in all sorts
of places. I think I have settled in theo because of the ideas and the
books. At this moment in time I am glad to have found de Purucker as I feel
I can understand better what it is about. Why I have this urge to know
EVERYTHING I don't know and sometimes wish it would just go away but many
times it is exciting to suddenly find some answers. We get our kicks in
strange way! I am not an intellectual so the going gets rough sometimes but
I keep plugging on. Maybe I can help others to understand one day. This
elemental essence thing has got me into areas that never grabbed me before.
Kind regards Bee

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