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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 02, 1995 07:56 AM
by John R Crocker

On 02 199511 Jerry Schueler wrote:
> While what you say here has a lot of merit I question your
> definition of "theosophical people." While this could be true for
> theosophists and it depends on your definition it is not true for
> Adepts. I personally favor Tibetan Buddhism and generally tend to
> interpret theosophical writers and teachings in line with this
> rightly or wrongly. Anyway Tibetan Buddhism teaches that means
> i.e. doing good and caring about others only takes us so far.
> Wisdom is also needed. And wisdom alone is also not enough.
> The two together wisdom and means are required to progress
> on the Path. Sometimes these two are personified as a male and
> female in sexual union gasp! but the idea is that the two must
> always go together. Later in your essay you do talk about the
> need to express any wisdom learned in service to others and I
> certainly agree with you .

I fully agree both are needed. "Retreat within advance without" says the
Voice - my overemphasis on the service aspect of things in the post comes
from looking at modern Theosophy. It is utterly unnecessary to emphasize
the study/meditation forms of activity as they completely and totally
dominate. The imbalance is so immense that I believe it threatens to kill
Theosophy. It has "retreated" almost totally inward and the only time it
even seems to notice the "without" let alone "advancing" into it it
often adopts a condescending attitude.

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