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Re: To be a Theosophist

Nov 02, 1995 09:16 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear John

I read the crux of your message as "Theosophy isn't any good unless
you can use it & can work with it." and really now who gives a hoot
about rounds & chains & globes? I agree 100%.

I have found lots of things in Theosophy to live by but I've had
starting right from the beginning 03 top notch Theosophists as
teachers. I guess that was my good luck.

Just for instance tomorrow I'm going to try to explain to my cleaning
lady who's a Soc. student that she might get better results with her
11 year old daughter if instead of being antagonistic - working
against her she would try to go with the flow. Help nature & work
on with her. I'm also going to tell her that stretching takes some
of the anger out of the muscles. Maybe it'll help.



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