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Quote from "Gita", comments by CWL

Sep 30, 1995 04:56 AM

"Shri Krishna tells His, pupil ' All actions in their entirety
culminate in wisdom.'
"That great Teacher did not deprecate a life of activity, but
encouraged it to the utmost; yet He said that one should not be
attached to the activites and the things with which they deal,
but should seek only the wisdom that can be obtained form them.
It is in the wisdom that man has his own true being, as he is a
part of the Logos. If he listens to the voice of wisdom he will
become increasingly the master of himself and his life; the
inner soul will thus put a stop to the outer clamour wich
directs the feverish activities of ordinary men.
"It is very true that a man should cease to give his attention
to the many things which surround and play upon him, and should
turn it inwards to the one witness of all these things; but he
is not entirely free to do this until he has fully performed
his dharma in the outer world. Any man at any time, whatever
his duties may be, may set his affection upon things above, and
not upon things of the earth . But he may not be at liberty to
devotre is whole life to higher work until he has satisfied the
demands of the karma which he has made in past lives or in the
earlier part of his present life."
>From "Talks on the Path of Occultism" p.555 part of the
comments on the "Voice ..." "For when to himself his form
appears unreal ...."

--Boundary (ID 0HRqtYIsR9Hv6tanash99A)--

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