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personally speaking:

Sep 30, 1995 04:41 AM

Since I thought a few personal touches on theos-l is a good
idea ... I was really moved when I watched, on C-Span, the
signing of an interim peace treaty between Rabin & Arafat,
ending an enemity which, as they said, goes back 100 years. A
little less than that, in the 1930ies, my then husband-to-be,
Fred, lived in what's now Israel. He made a living during the
day, & during the night, he functioned as Captain in the
Haganah, the moderate Underground, a group of men who'd taken
it upon themselves to protect Israeli settlers against
marauding Arab terrorists, whose leader was Yasser Arafat. I
can just picture his devachanic eyes widen, when the vibes of
Rabin & Peres shaking hands with Arafat & all the other Arab
leaders who attended the signing, reached him, to say nothing
of the vibes from Russia & the US acting in consort about it.
And when his devachanic ears heard Arafat say "We must condemn
use of violence", I'm sure there was great ashonishment on his
face "Wha, what?". He must have imagined that it was all a
devanchanic dream, or else he did 3 devachanic summersaults to


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