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Re: One of JRC's comments

Sep 29, 1995 07:47 PM
by Bee Brown

>JRC writes: "I will not try to demonstrate their nature and status in an
>areana where people have already reached conclusions prior to evidence even
>being presented. There are too many others places containing a spirit of
>genuinely open-minded inquiry."
>Is this directed to the 100 + members of the theos network?
>How do you KNOW that people in this "arena" have already reached conclusions
>about your experiences with angels prior to evidence even being presented?
>IF I had what seems to be such a low opinion of this Theosophical group, I
>wouldn't waste my time; instead I would go to those "many other places" where
>there is "a spirt of genuinely open-minded inquiry"!
>As a now famous judge has said many times over the last year, "everybody should
>take a few deep breaths!"
>Daniel Caldwell
I must have missed that bit. There are some of us who have already expressed
great interest to hear more about your angels. I have said so on the list
and I know that Murray has shown much interest as well. I thought it was a
neat post. There are lots of us on this list who do not say a lot but enjoy
to read what comes across. It isn't always easy to express oneself on this
sort of communication.

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