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One of JRC's comments

Sep 28, 1995 05:12 AM

JRC writes: "I will not try to demonstrate their nature and status in an
areana where people have already reached conclusions prior to evidence even
being presented. There are too many others places containing a spirit of
genuinely open-minded inquiry."

Is this directed to the 100 + members of the theos network?

How do you KNOW that people in this "arena" have already reached conclusions
about your experiences with angels prior to evidence even being presented?

IF I had what seems to be such a low opinion of this Theosophical group, I
wouldn't waste my time; instead I would go to those "many other places" where
there is "a spirt of genuinely open-minded inquiry"!

As a now famous judge has said many times over the last year, "everybody should
take a few deep breaths!"

Daniel Caldwell

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