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Re:CWL's chart

Sep 28, 1995 00:47 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Jerry Hejka-Ekins:

> I believe you are on to something. Leo rising does seem to
>fit CWL. Venus and Neptune together also usually makes for a
>charisma does it not? In my astrological experiences, I've found
>that Mars-Neptune conjunctions and oppositions seem to also occur
>with psychic personalities. What has been your experience?

Venus/Neptune conjunction? The Astrologer's Handbook by Sakoian & Acker
describes it as "a hypnotic power of attraction." Beauty and illusion joined
together in a powerful force. Yeow!

Mars/Neptune is not something that I have noticed, but it prompts me to look
back and check other charts. I've seen natal charts for people who are involved
in the spiritual movement and have Neptune square their Sun. Both have been
duped by get-rich-quick speculators and dishonest gurus.

 > I don't have it anymore, but I recall reading a reply to
>Alan Leo from CWL in ~Modern Astrology~ for 1916. As I recall,
>CWL was responding to a request for a confirmation of his birth
>date. He instead expressed his disbelief in astrology, and if I
>remember correctly, he never confirmed his 1847 birth date to
>Leo. In light of the correct birth date, this little exchange
>took on new meaning for me.

Sounds like CWL feared the truth. And in a way, I can't blame him. Looking at
a chart is like seeing inside someone's skin, stripped down to the very energy
matrix that their soul created. That kind of brutal honesty needs trust and a
willingness to expose one's self.

The reason I was interested in CWL's chart was to see any evidence that he could
done any of the things he's been lauded or castigated for. Unfortunately, we
don't have exact birth date information, so this is all still conjecture.

>Yet we can't grow spiritually in a
>vacuum. It seems that we have to do a lot of rubbing against
>each other to ware down some of those rough spots.

I still remember my spiritual mentors with fondness. Some of them gave me a
great deal of knowledge, even when I later found out they were trying to put
their hand in my pocket for cash or inside my pants. Once burned adn wiser, you
always look a little closer at the next one.

- ann

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