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re: re CWL's chart

Sep 28, 1995 00:43 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


>Mars/Neptune is not something that I have noticed, but it
>prompts me to look back and check other charts. I've seen natal
>charts for people who are involved in the spiritual movement and
>have Neptune square their Sun. Both have been duped by
>get-rich-quick speculators and dishonest gurus.

 My understanding of Mars/Neptune conjunctions is that it
gives the person exceptional power to attract whatever is
desired. Thus it is connected with kria shakti--the power of the
imagination to create things. Back in the 60's the three great
clairvoyants in the TS were said to be CWL., Dora Kunz and Phoebe
Bendit. CWL was before my time but I knew and know the other
two, and was deeply impressed with Phoebe's ability. I remember
a discussion I had with her husband shortly before he died were
he observed (based upon his 50 year marriage to his wife and
experiences with other clairvoyants) that the biggest problem
they had was that they could not separate what they saw from what
they imagined. Seems like a Mars/Neptune problem to me.

>Sounds like CWL feared the truth. And in a way, I can't blame
>him. Looking at a chart is like seeing inside someone's skin,
>stripped down to the very energy matrix that their soul created.
>That kind of brutal honesty needs trust and a willingness to
>expose one's self.

 Interesting analysis--in order to avoid being exposed
through his horoscope, he just proclaimed that he didn't believe
in astrology. Could be. The way it struck me was more in the
form of an irony--he didn't believe in astrology because past
horoscopes cast on him were seven years off because he lied about
his year of birth. Since the astrologers failed to detect this
discrepancy, he felt safe in not believing in astrology. He had
his own secret "proof."

>The reason I was interested in CWL's chart was to see any
>evidence that he could done any of the things he's been lauded
>or castigated for. Unfortunately, we don't have exact birth
>date information, so this is all still conjecture.

 Would you be interested in attempting a rectification? I
can supply you some timed events in his life.

>I still remember my spiritual mentors with fondness. Some of
>them gave me a great deal of knowledge, even when I later found
>out they were trying to put their hand in my pocket for cash or
>inside my pants. Once burned adn wiser, you always look a
>little closer at the next one.

 I think we are all taken advantage of sometime in our lives-
-some people more than others. Women, of course have even more
problems with this because this culture makes them second class
citizens power-wise, and they are typically raised from infancy
to be nurturing and to care about the welfare of the whole over
their own needs. There are a lot of men who prey on women, and a
lot of men who prey on each other. I was hoping that the current
post-modern ideas of racial and gender equality would move into
the thinking of our culture, but if seems that we are moving in
the opposite direction instead.
 My two major spiritual teachers were older women--an aunt
who was 42 years my senior; and another theosophist almost 20
years my senior. Both are dead now, but very much alive in me.

Jerry HE

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