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Globes, Planes, Principles: some Comments to Jerry S. From Daniel C.

Sep 27, 1995 10:58 PM


Thanks for your various postings on the above subjects and your specific
answers to my questions.

I want to make some observations based on my limited understanding of these
subjects concerning globes, planes and principles. I am certainly believe
that I can learn more about these somewhat abstruse subjects and am open to
that but want to understand the basis for your various statements before I
just accept what you say.

Looking at what you and Eldon have written on these subjects, I beleive that
Eldon's understanding and your understanding of these subjects have some
MAJOR differences. I don't exactly know how these differences arose and I
don't know what assumptions either one of you have made. I wonder if both of
you are consciously aware of the various assumptions you each indivually made
as you have built your understanding of these subjects.

Now I will admit that these subjects are not all that simple and we can get
into deep water fairly quickly without realizing it!

Now you have admitted that these teachings on globes first appeared in the
Mahatma Letters. And, indeed, we find the most detailed explanations of the
Globes occurring in the MLs, but HPB mentions the chain of globes or worlds in
*Isis Unveiled* and even earlier in a letter from 1875 to Colonel Olcott.

But I would suggest that we use the quotations from the Mahatma Letters as a
good basis upon which to base our (at least beginning) discussion of the
globes, planes and principles. (And I hope Rich, Brenda and whoever else will
also join in this discussion)

Now Eldon has been kind enough to type the series of quotes from the MLs but
there are a number of other relevant quotes in the MLs: the quote on the
lower world of effects in ML# 9 (using 2nd and 3rd editions); the quote you
give from Letter #15 on the principles of a "mother-globe"; the quote about
the globes in question and answer #1 of ML# 14 and there may be other relevant
quotes such as those about the Rupa-lokas and Arupa-lokas of Devachan.

Reading over all the quotes Eldon gave plus the 3 I just mentioned, I will
attempt to give my own understanding of the teaching. I won't quote from the
ML extracts except from time to time. Later in our discussions, I can give
you exact quotes if you want them to defend my thesis.

As I look over these quotes on globes, principles, etc., I think it
is important to try to see how the subject matter in these various
quotes relate to one another. Possibly one extract taken into
consideration with another help us to see which interpretation is
valid or not. Yes, I agree that one quote by itself may be subject
to more than one interpretation but why not try and see if all these
quotes are like jigsaw puzzle pieces; they each help to give a
larger picture.

Okay, now here's my understanding.

I will first try to focus on the earth, i.e., globe D and later possibly
discuss the other globes.

Globe D is composed of two "spheres" or "worlds": (1) the sphere or world
of causes and (2) the sphere or world of effects.

Or to put it a different way: Globe D (which is not just the physical globe
we know of as earth) is composed of two aspects: an objective globe, world
or sphere and a subjective globe, world or sphere.

Now in one ML quote (p. 73 of the 3rd ed)it is said:

"...every sphere has its world of effects, the passing through which will
afford a place of of final rest to ech of the human priciples --the seventh
excepted." Sorry for the mispellings!

So can we not conclude that Globe D has "its world of effects" and this
world of effects" is a "place of final rest to each of the human principles...."
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