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Critical Notice?

Sep 27, 1995 03:33 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

SUNY Press just sent me the first review of Initiates of
Theosophical Masters, which is good although brief. But they
sent only the ge on which it appears, which is headed by the
words CRITICAL NOTICE in capitals. At the bottom is the
address, 2966 Diamond St., Suite 290, San Francisco. An OCLC
search yielded no publication entitled Critical Notice, and a
search in Gale's directory for San Francisco publications was
equally frtless.

The only reason I think someone on theos-l might know of this
publication is that is seems to devote great attention to
esoteric titles; Godwin's newest and an interesting one called
Modern Esoteric Spiritualities, edited by Faivre and Needleman,
are reviewed on the same page.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?

PS I'll send a copy of the review to anyone who requests it,
but posting it here would be inviting others to disagree with
the reviewer.

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