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Re: To Jerry, re steiner-l

Sep 27, 1995 01:52 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Jerry and the others.

You wrote:

> Good question. I think I see my own goal as the
> realization that the "Fraternity of Man" is already a fact.
> I have read a lot of Steiner, and I can see problems
> down the road, when people start saying things that
> are in opposition to the beliefs of others. If I thought
> such a cooperative effort would bear any real fruit, I
> would champion it. But I have grave reservations.

My view is that it doesn't have to bear any 'real' fruit. But just have
exhange of ideas and news between them, to have a friendly attitude. They
have their own ideas and doctrines, which are different at many matters, I
agree. But we share a lot of same ideas and same roots as Liesel pointed
out. I would concentrate on these rather than to differences - and
secondly to my knowledge; Theosophy doesn't have any fixed doctrine or
dogma but it should research every religion and philosophy. And we should
not 'believe' anything, since Thruth is what it is and our beliefs doesn't
really affect it at all. But a Theosophical frame is a one way to get 'to
know' instead of 'believing'. One finnish Theosophist used to say that it
is out of human reach to know The Truth, but if a human sincerelly aspires
for truthfulness that he/she will surely attain.

I would like to see that we would recognize Antroposophist as our
brothers and sisters, working on their branch towards better world and
let them have their views and beliefs - and again; I believe that just a
mental, friendly attitude would create a lot of synergy and energy at the
mental level. You can try.

> Have we, for example, accomplished anything
> worthy of our efforts with Daniel H, yet?

I think we have. Daniel communicates with us, he is sensible and
intelligent, he reads peoples messages, answers to questions that are
directed to him, comments... Many of his views are a bit controversial
compared to others but they are not random. And we have had to think
about our moral values and to define them thanks to Daniel.

aki korhonen
Rovaniemi, Finland.

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