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Questions to Eldon on Globes

Sep 27, 1995 00:05 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Eldon:<After our physical death, on Globe D, a sphere of causes, our 6 lower
principles return to their elements and we rest in a sphere of effects.
When that rest period is over (e.g. the end of devachan), a current sweeps
us on to an existence on the next sphere of causes (e.g. Globe E) or back
again to our sphere of causes (Globe D). Devachan is a state, and not a
place, and is experienced in the sphere of effects between Globes D and E.>

You are obviously negating CWL's teaching that Kamaloka is on
the astral plane, and Devachan is on the mental plane. I think that
his scheme fits well with G de P's explanation of the Globes. Where
is "between Globes D and E?" If D is on the physical, and E is on
the astral (as per HPB's and G de P's diagrams) then you must be
talking about the etheric plane (?). Or are you taling about the path
D-E that connects them (this path goes through a laya center, BTW).

Jerry S.

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