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re: re CWL

Sep 27, 1995 03:51 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


 I guess I can offer the simple answers to your questions:

1. Yes the children were consulted.
2. Yes they wanted to stay with Besant
3. Yes they were told that they we being groomed for some great

 In fact, everything was quite proper legally speaking, but I
was coming more from my feelings about this case and not so much
about procedure. K. really loved Besant and found in her the
mother that he lost in his childhood. He was in his teens and
not getting along with his father at the time (boys at that age
often don't). He had before him the promise of living a very
secure life as opposed to an uncertain one if he returned to his
father. On the other hand, Narayaniah did not trust CWL and was
adamant that his children not be entrusted to him. When he and
another witness saw CWL with the children who was (in
Narayaniah's view) leading K. into "improper habits", he
protested and sought to recover custody of his children. Once
again, it is a matter of honor to me here. Even if CWL was the
finest influence in the world on K., the fact remains that CWL's
non involvement with K. was a condition of Narayaniah for Besant
to take possession of the children. Besant violated that
condition. My own feelings rebel against the idea that any
higher occult purposes would justify deceiving a father into
giving up his children. As it turned out, K. did not like CWL

 I don't know how K. felt about Besant's and CWL's ideas as a
young child. I would guess that his affection towards Besant
might put that question into the background for the time being.
But by the time K. was thirty, his rebellion against CWL's
revelations was clear. This rebellion resulted in situation
described in van der Leeuw's pamphlet.

 I very much agree with you that K.'s decision to dissolve
the Order of the Star and to resign from the TS did a great
service to the TS. It was a blow against the revelations that
were running the society, which ironically CWL was the major

Thanks for the post

Jerry HE

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