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Re: numerology

Sep 25, 1995 04:28 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>>If the houses on a block are arbitrarily renumbered, according to some
>>new local ordinance, the numerology of the houses does not change.
>The numerology of the house would change at this time and just as moving
>into a new "number" means new and different experiences, you would find
>yourself compatible or incompatible with the "new number."

Where I would disagree is in saying that when we change a descriptive
label, that we've changed the actual object. My understanding of what
numerology is trying to achieve is to know numerical attributes of, say,
a person, and from those known attributes be able to infer other things
about that person.

>>When we are dealing with numerology, we're looking for attributes of
>>objects or living beings. From these attributes, we can infer additional
>>information. But I would only expect the numerology to work if we obtain
>>*real attributes*. Otherwise, we are just "tossing the dice" and doing
>>a psychic reading.
>No, Eldon, we're not. We're looking for influences and clues that help us
>to meet or defer our destiny.

Agreed that there are influences. But the influences do not come by
how we describe something. When we choose a particular, arbitrary number
or name as a label, we haven't caused that thing to change.

(An exception to this would be when we pick the name of a child, since
the child will grow up using that name and being psychologically influenced
by its sound, meaning, and acceptance by the child's peers.)

What I would say is that real numbers or attributes of living things
come from the things themselves, and are not things that we make up.
If we were to rename the planet mars to call it "prometheus", for instance,
we haven't by changing our name for it thereby changed its properties and
astrological influences.

I'd agree with the basic idea of numerology, but be careful not to
take it too literally, and suggest it is important to make a clear
distinction between our mental artifacts and actual perceptions of
living things.

-- Eldon

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