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Re: More thoughts on abortion

Sep 25, 1995 04:35 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


> HPB ... says that even if the mother
>survives, her life will be shortened and her stay in Kamaloka will be
>lengthened. This does not sound like a reliance or a concern with 19th
>century science or demographics, and I am surprised you would limit HPB and
>her Teachers in that way.

I was just reading this and made a connection with something that I had
read in "The Mahatma Letters" to the effect that they remain cool, passionless,
avoiding the extremes of emotion, in order to conserve their life energies.
Perhaps the trama, regret, and grief associated with an abortion is a major
source of such grief, and the resulting dissipation of life energies leads
to the shortening of life.

Regarding kamaloka, it would probably be an individual thing, although
HPB could generalize and speak for the typical case. Kamaloka is not a
form of punishment for the bad that we did in life. It is a state where
we exhaust all the unspent desire and passion life energies. If there are
regrets, bitterness, and other clouds over a mother's mind and heart that
she carries through life, that would certainly contribute to her kamaloka.

-- Eldon

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