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Re: numerology

Sep 25, 1995 04:40 AM
by John R Crocker

On Mon, 25 Sep 1995, Brenda S. Tucker wrote:

> >When we are dealing with numerology, we're looking for attributes of
> >objects or living beings. From these attributes, we can infer additional
> >information. But I would only expect the numerology to work if we obtain
> >*real attributes*. Otherwise, we are just "tossing the dice" and doing
> >a psychic reading.
> No, Eldon, we're not. We're looking for influences and clues that help us
> to meet or defer our destiny.

I agree - first, again the demeaning attitude towards "psychism"
- some actually believe that at least some "psychic readings" are a tad
more than "tossing the dice" - I have a friend (for instance) that three
years ago went to one of those "psychics" to ask about a relationship
problem. The "psychic", upon looking at the person's system, identified a
very dense region that seemed to connect to the physical body; the
person, on the advice of the psychic, went to a medical doctor ... and
the cancer was caught early enough to treat. Fortunately for this woman
(who didn't have the faintest suspicion that she had medical problems)
she hadn't run into a Theosophical Lodge that would have encouraged her
to avoid such things.

Second, I'm inclined to agree with Brenda about how numerology
and other such tools work - *none* of them define things, but are rather
more like a means of inducing a particular state of mind that becomes
open to intuitive flashes ... and this is not just in numerology, Tarot,
the I Ching & etc., but even in the mainstream sciences - Doctors will use
medical jargon, economists will use statistical manipulations ... but the
good ones in every field will admit that sometimes (if not a *lot* of the
time) these scientific tools provide data, but that ultimately it is
something far more than the math that they use to actually reach their
conclusions - it is *intuition* ... but using the tools somehow seems to
help the intuition to speak its voice.


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