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Sep 25, 1995 03:56 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>Man, the more I learn about this guy, the more AWFUL he sounds. Are we sure
>that this is the same guy people are running around calling an "Adept"? What
>do the students and followers of Leadbeater make of these allegations?
>they were all made up? By whom and for what purpose?

In reply to a recent post by Dr. Bain, I created a probable natal chart for CWL
based on what has been said about him. I wished to do this because one can
usually see the original energies that drive a created personality from a

This was the result: After having my computer calculate it for noon and looking
at it, I decided to try a Leo Ascendant with a 3:30 pm birth time, since CWL
always struck me as having a Leonine appearance. That also places Neptune,
Venus and Mercury in Pisces in the Eighth House, along with his Aquarian sun. I
felt the Neptune in the 8th would fit his clairvoyant abilities. This put
Pluto into the 10th house, indicating leadership and a controversial career.
Uranus also fell here, giving him an unusual profession and possible leadership
in the occult. It also would indicate a rapid rise and fall from prominence.
Jupiter was in the 6th, indicating work in a service organization. The Moon
shone in the 3rd house, suggesting one prone to fantasy and thinking that was
strongly influenced by imagination.

The most glaring aspect was Mars (2nd house) opposed Neptune in the 8th (55 min.
orb). This sometimes indicates abnormal sexual desires and alliances which
affect the home and professional reputation. It can also mean unrealistic
visionary experiences and a desire to be special.

Whether astrology means anything to you or not, what I am getting at is that we
all are definitely far from perfect. If I checked each and every chart for all
the people on Theos-l, including my own, there would be some "flaw" in the mix.

Every spiritual person who I have admired in the last 25 years has had some
problem. Sometimes it is one of the big three - sex, money or power, or even
some combination of those. Stop worrying about all the "bad" out there and look
to the good stuff various people may have to offer. Then you can get down to
the real work - your self.

- ann

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