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"Source" Teachings

Sep 25, 1995 01:03 AM
by Aprioripa


 I think the original source teachings for the current human cycle would
be the teachings of Krishna (Bhaghavad Gita and the Gospels). Theosophy
meaning "God's wisdom" would include truth wherever it is found. It seems
that to restrict theosophy to one set of writings is as delusionary as saying
that theosophy includes all writings. Theosophy is the threads of wisdom
which flow through all. There are writings which are "purely" from the
Mahatmas and there are the writings of Initiates and there are also writings
by the deluded which take people away from truth. Our task is one of
learning to discern the difference and in this we develop the spiritual
qualities which allow us to eventually ascertain "God's Wisdom" for
ourselves. Most of the writings of H.P.B., A. Bailey, The Teachings of the
Temple and some of the writings attributed to Helena Roerich (in the original
Russian) are to my discernment by the Mahatmas. There are also others as
well as many books by Initiates.


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