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Re: interference with nature

Sep 25, 1995 01:36 AM
by Lewis Lucas

> >
> > May I ask a common sense question here? Do we interfere with the operations
> > of nature? Under what circumstances? When is it correct to do so?
> >
> > Brenda
> Off topic a wee bit, but in my eyes, we interfere with the
> operations of nature whenever we murder animals for food, when
> none of us, so far as I am aware, needs to eat animal flesh at
> all. I don't. If, like my cat, my metabolism actually *needed*
> meat, it migth be different. We build huge abbatoirs to kill
> defenceless creatures in assembly-lines,

Lewis: I pass one every day on my way to work. It is a chicken
slaughtering plant. The company that owns it, Fieldale, has put a
sign up out front which says, "FIELDALE FARMS". The word "farm"
implies to me nuturing and growing, and it disturbs me that we (the
public and our representative government) permit them to hide behind
such wholesome images. They have also put up a chain link fence with
barbed wire across the top and a security gate. Reminds me of
Beterand Russell's description of watching the Nazis herding people
onto the cattle cars, then later observing the cattle being herded of
cattles cars outside his Chicago apartment. It was enought to make
him adopt vegetarianism. He argues that if we cannot show mercy to the
poor dumb animals, which can only bleat their protest, man is surely
doomed to suffer even more than they.

> ..Our puny human intelligence
> is, IMHO, quite incapable of deciding either when or how it is
> "correct" to interfere with the operations of nature, though we
> do it all the time, probably.
> Nature, folks, is BIG! Upset her at your own risk :-)


Lewis: I think some balance between total disregard for nature and
all its creatures and abject worship of nature is what we should aim
for. I see the potential for us to work wisely with nature, aiding
the evolutionary push from the other kindgoms in nature. It is
similar to becoming a good tenant or neighbor.

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