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Re: idea on becoming organizational

Sep 25, 1995 09:21 AM

Re Rich's post,
1.) Seems to me that most Theosophists are independent
thinkers. That's the name of the game. The people who take part
in this list are no exceptions.

2.) I think a cohesive group develops an aura, an atmosphere
that is far more conducive to spirituality than a single
individual. I felt this when I belonged to a branch, I've felt
this during church services ... even an old empty church has an
atmosphere of holiness & reverence, which, it is said, is an
accumulation created by the many souls who have come to worship
there. I remember the awe I felt when I visited the Cathedral
of Chartres, which is said to have been built over a Druid
place of worship, & which was said to be sacred even before
anyone ever worshiped there.
Standing in that Cathedral, with awe, one can certain feel that
this might well be true. It has been a holy place for a long
long time.
A branch meeting doesn't feel as holy as Chartres, to be sure,
but it has a certain spiritual group aura more impressive than
the individual one.


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