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Re: idea on becoming organizational

Sep 24, 1995 01:24 PM
by Richtay

Art wrote:

> This is why right now I prefer to stay deeply committed to definition
>number one [REALIZATION] and avoid the historical local relationship to
theosophy. Any
>ideas how to over come that dilemma? Or is it something that ought not to
>be overcome.

Art, I totally see your reasons for remaining independent, and I see no
reasons that anyone should try to convince you otherwise.

The one big benefit I think I realize in being an associate of a local ULT is
that I get to meet with folks regularly who know the philosophy, and I can
bounce ideas off of them. But I could do this just as well in daily life
with ANY bunch of people if I were committed to listening and learning from
them, as I am to the folks at my lodge.

Another benefit I feel I receive is that I get to be part of a "center of
force" which Mr. Judge talks about, namely working in a center which is
already active, and I can add my own energy to the effort to keep the
teachings alive and make them available to so many in the public who would
really like them but don't know that they exist, or where to find them. At
the same time, each individual is a center of force, and the potential for
activity is infinite, no? It may be that lodges are for weaklings and people
who need external supports.

I can certainly see that, especially in the modern age, with technology
allowing all of us to exchange ideas instantly on-line, that we on this board
already form a "center of force" from which true Theosophy radiates, and more
and more people are signing on. From the comfort and privacy of our own
homes, we can educate and be educated by literally hundreds, and perhaps
someday soon, thousands of people. No need for lodges or local affiliations,
unless one wants and needs them.

I applaud, you, Art, for your thoughtful posts and insightful comments. it
does not seem to me that you suffer in the slightest for being an independent
Theosophist and an independent thinker.

Your pal,

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