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Re: interference with nature

Sep 24, 1995 12:53 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> May I ask a common sense question here? Do we interfere with the operations
> of nature? Under what circumstances? When is it correct to do so?
> Brenda

Off topic a wee bit, but in my eyes, we interfere with the
operations of nature whenever we murder animals for food, when
none of us, so far as I am aware, needs to eat animal flesh at
all. I don't. If, like my cat, my metabolism actually *needed*
meat, it migth be different. We build huge abbatoirs to kill
defenceless creatures in assembly-lines, and then try yo take a
"moral" position over the life of a human foetal presence
*exising in someone else*! Surely it is the moral and ethical
business of the "someone else" and no other?

We certainly object most strongly if people on the list try to
tell us what to do in our lives. Our puny human intelligence
is, IMHO, quite incapable of deciding either when or how it is
"correct" to interfere with the operations of nature, though we
do it all the time, probably.

Nature, folks, is BIG! Upset her at your own risk :-).


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