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Re: The latest censorship

Sep 25, 1995 07:37 AM
by portelli


I hate to bother any serious students of "theosophical history"
(whatever that is), but somehow this stuff is getting sent to my e-mail
address. I am a serious student of some other kind of history. United States,
or some such thing. Anyhow, I've been getting the stuff from your
list...unprovoked. I didn't even sign up for theos roots. I did have the
misfortune of "asking" to get on theos-l, from which I've thankfully relieved
myself. I havn't been as successful at relieving myself of this serious stuff.
Can you spare a moment of your serious inquiring time to help me get off this
list? I'd really appreciate it. Consider it part of the work...The Great Work.
Helping a little brother get out of where he might be way over his head. It's
really tough being early fourth root race. Kinda weird learning that the few
who are chosen are actually so way ahead of us kids.

See what I mean? I'm in way over my head. The TRUTH will only injure
these feeble minds of inferior races. History is a real burden. A White Mans
burden. Late nineteenth century stuff. Coolies turned gurus...

Oh, by the way. I've been in touch with Charles. He's alright. Never
did mean no harm. He's been a real help to me. Funny how he alway liked all
that pomp and circumstance. But his liturgical perspective was pretty keen. He
talks a lot about power...but all he ever wanted to do with it was help this
silly race of people that he had the misfortune to associate with. He probably
over estimated the status of human souls by a galaxy. No wonder he prefered
Mars! Puritanism + Papish ritual = Victorian mysticism. Great aura! Funny how
people can make such a fuss over the obvious.

Charles is ok though. How can you convey to people that there is no
greater light to be had than the morning Sun? Cover it with a bunch of
ceremonial garb. Boy did Bishop Leadbeater go for all that stuff! He still
does. Always shows up wearing a miter carrying that gold dang crozier.
Sometimes he's all ring. Big purple stone...all stone. Sometimes I think that
the guy's crazy. Then I remember that it's just history. He never did mean no
harm. He really does think that he's helping humanity. A kid's gotta learn to
wash in all the right places. Makes him pure. Pure bull shit.

Now kindly help this poor listless soul get off this list.

Brenda... get off while there's still hope.

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