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Re: The latest censorship

Sep 25, 1995 06:38 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Please try and get over your prudishness. This board is not Theos-L, it is
>for the serious investigation of Theosophical history.
>To judge by the number and variety of sexual allegations made against
>Leadbeater, he is quite guilty as charged. Even Besant admitted this.
>Please do not try and control this forum, the more you try to do so the more
>we who are interested in the history will dig in our heels and stick to it.

This comes from somebody who feels himself free enough to tell others to
"GET OFF OUR LIST." Who made you the spokesman who could decide who could
stay and who couldn't."
If I thought you were trustworthy enough to write regarding decent
particulars instead of choosing to respond to a "personal" subject matter
which does "bother" people who have bad experiences with sex. You may feel
proud that you are able to speak so forthrightly, but there are other people
who don't feel the subject is open for discussion. You might even decide to
let us know what's going on in your bedroom, who knows?

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