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Re: Globe/Plane Confusion

Sep 24, 1995 01:25 PM
by Richtay

Daniel Caldwell writes:

> "The shells, the victims and suicides" are among "the several groups of
> subjective entities" who "find their attractions" in Kama-Loka.
> As far as I can read English, KH is referring to the same subject in all
> sentences. And one sentence with its meaning flows in the next sentence
> its meaning with no confusion whatsoever.
Yes, I agree. The problem may come in with taking HPB's comparison with
Kabala on P. 200 of the S.D. Vol. 1 too literally.

Does HPB mean to indicate that the Globes she is teaching are SIMILAR to and
PARALLEL with Kabalistic ideas, or IDENTICAL with them? If we take them as
identical to Kabalistic Sephiroth, far more problems are created than solved.
 I sincerely think HPB brings in Kabalistic Sephiroth for an interesting
parallel construction, which was for the benefit of certain Christian
Kabalists and Masons last century who wold have been drawn in to look at the
topic more closely if it looked similar to their own teachings.

This is pure speculation, however, and I freely admit it. What does not seem
speculative is Daniel Caldwell's reading of K.H. in Mahatma Letter 25, for I
think the English is very clear.


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