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Re: Antroposofy/Theosophy, Reply to Stephan

Sep 21, 1995 08:58 AM

I agree with Aki about followers of Steiner & other
Theosophists being able to work together. I think, correct me
if I'm wrong, that your Christ is the Christ within, who is the
same as the Buddha within, or any other kind of nomenclature
Spirit within. Or else it is the holy universal figure whom all
worship, again under different names, but with the same idea.
If we have studied according to our second Theosophical Object,
we should be able to see the likenesses underneath the
differences. To me, that's the good old Theosophical way.

I think the leaders of the various factions are making attempts
to work together now; so are we on theos-l, & I don't know who
else is trying .. Dick Slusser with his "High Country
I'm all for it. Whenever I read some literature, from whatever
faction, I can always recognize it as Theosophical, even if the
slant is different. I see no reason why, with a little bit of
effort & good will we can't all work together harmoniously
instead of throwing epithets at each other. We're all more
alike than we are different. Nowadays we need a hausliche
Federkrieg like we need a hole in the head.


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