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Antroposofy/Theosophy, Reply to Stephan

Sep 21, 1995 02:19 AM
by Aki Korhonen

Hello Stephan and the others.

On Wed, 20 Sep 1995, STEPHAN H.-R. CLERC wrote:

> read some chapters from a thick book from H.P.B. I don't know now
> the title of the book but one chapter made a great impression to me,

A thick book, could be the SECRET DOCTRINE.

> which I've studied is Steiners Theosophy and many other books and lectures
> from this wise man. I've heard that there was unfortunately a sepatation
> between him and the theosophical movement due to Chrishnamurti...

Krishnamurti is a one reason to Steiner's departure from Theosophical
Society - Steiner was a leader of the German section - but I think it is the
positon and the meaning of Christ/Jesus which is now the main dividing
concept betveen Antr. and TS?

> Is this "conflict" now considered always in the same way like in the beginning
> of the century? What about an unification of theosophy and anthroposophy?
> Or are there too many contradictions? Do both streams know of each other
> and do they leave the others in peace with no further initiatives?

My opinion is that they both work for same goals. I see them as a
different sides of a coin. Antroposofy seems to be more 'practical'
oriented - they have all these fine practical applications such as; antr.
medicine, pedagogy, biodynamical cultivation, etc. Theosophy seems to be
more on the idea-level. My opinion is that co-operation and exchange of
ideas would be beneficial to both organizations.

> I live in Dornach where the Goetheanum, the center of the anthroposophical
> movement is staying. It's a huge impressionating building

As an architect-student I know Goetheanum from pictures, and some of my
collagues have visited it, they told that it was creepy, impressing, some
were even a little bit scared, they also told that they met some
antroposophist with dark hair and dark eyes who made them uneasy by their
stare... I would like to visit such a place!

aki korhonen
Rovaniemi, Finland.

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