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Source Teachings Part IV (the complete version!)

Sep 21, 1995 00:41 AM
by Aprioripa


>Now, I am not implying or saying that the source teachings and the Masters
>only spoke through HPB. After her death and even today other agents *may*
>have come forth. That is, genuine agents from HPB's Masters.

 This is certainly the case, as the Mahatmas are always working -
although often in ways different than expected.

>you cannot get a room of serious Blavatsky students from diverse
>backgrounds to agree on who that person or agent was or is!

 This is very interesting as there is always a quality of
buddhic/intuitive energy around all the Mahatmas' work that can be recognized
with the "eyes of the heart." There are indeed many claim-makers today as in
the past and it would be good for us to discover ways to tell the difference.

>I would prefer to focus on the writings of HPB and the Letters of the
>which from the perspective I have been outlining above I consider the
>SOURCE Teachings of modern day Theosophy.

 Yes, but also the ideas given out by the Mahatmas evolve as humanity
evolves and any past Teaching is always updated as regards the needs of the

 As the Mahatmas continue to Teach today I hope that we can become able
to recognize new source Teachings that have become available to us. As said
previously I see the Teachings of Theosophy as a living flow of right
relationships beginning with the principles of kindness and honesty which
would show through all source Teachings.


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