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Re: Source Teachings Part IV (the complete version!)

Sep 21, 1995 09:57 AM

Dear Patrick,

I don't see that this back & forth about who got direct
messages from the Masters & who's really a fake, even though
they don't know it, is very relevant. Maybe that's because I'm
eclectic. I take to heart any messages which sound genuine to
me, which are useful & seem dynamic in a way I wish to be
dynamic, and I really don't care where they came from. Of
course, I try to read people I think have been inspired, rather
than someone who seems to be wallowing in the mud, and/or has a
negative outlook. I'm not psychic, so I can't tell on that
level who has genuinely been in touch with the Masters, so I
use the means that are available to me. I'd much rather use
your sentence as a yardstick "I see the Teachings of Theosophy
as a living flow of right relationships."
That's nice, & I accept it, whether you made it up, or whether
you quoted it from someone else who says they're in touch with
the Masters.

"When the pupil is ready, the Teacher will appear".

Which Serge King turned around to "When the Teacher is ready,
the pupil will appear."



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