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Great White Brotherhood, etc.

Sep 20, 1995 10:16 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

I just subscribed to another metaphysical mailing list, and the
very first message that I got sounds like discussions that we've
had before. Perhaps others might also be interested in looking
into this other list.

 >Sender: ARCANA Discussion and Study of the Occult
 >From: "Eric S. Dye" <Dye2@AOL.COM>
 >Subject: Great White Brotherhood, etc.
 >>It is interesting that the last post on this topic gave refererences to
 >secondary materials (Jinarajadasa and Alice Bailey) while ignoring SOURCE
 >material. The first person to discuss the concept of a Great Brotherhood in
 >terms you are asking......was the Founder of the Theosophical Society, Helena
 >P. Blavatsky...........HPB started the Theosophical Society in 1875, and she
 >died in 1891. After that, Theosophy went kind of crazy with a
 >thousand and one splinter groups, much like early Christianity.
 >Are we to ignore all sources of Theosophy (as well as all theosophical and
 >non-theosophical authors) following the death of Blavatsky? What do
 >current-day Theosophical authorities say about this viewpoint? Do they give
 >warning to those acquiring Theosophical publications, authored after the
 >death of Blavatsky, not to accept them as reliable sources or authorities?
 >Should we ignore the knowledge that comes from other Ascended Masters from
 >India/Tibet/etc. passed on to those other than Blavatsky. Many of Blavatsky's
 >works are Included in our library, but are certainly not the only ones.
 >Perhaps, however, you could give us a synopsis of Blavatsky's thoughts on
 >this topic, since it is of interest to many. We'd appreciate your insight on
 >this and your specific objections to Manley P. Hall. Thanks
 > Eric and Michael-(Shihan)

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