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A few comments on the Globes

Sep 20, 1995 10:21 PM

Eldon, I'm glad that you have decided to post several quotes from the
Mahatma Letters. I would suggest that you might post them in chronological

Based upon my (limited) understanding of the Doctrine of the Globes, Globe D
consists of two parts: (1) an objective globe or world of causes and (2)
a subjective globe or world of effects. Globe D's "sphere" or "world of
effects" contains Kamaloka, Rupaloka and Arupaloka. These are (to quote
Master KH) "the three spheres of ascending spirituality in which the
several groups of subjective entities find their attractions." "Devachan"
occurs within the field or world of effects of Globe D. The Devachanic
state will last "until Karma is satisfied in that direction, the ripple
of force reaches the edge of its cyclic basin, and the being moves into the
next area of causes. This, it may find in the same world [for example, the
world of causes of Globe D, physical life as we know it] or another [world
of causes, such as Globe E], according to his or her stage of progression
through the necessary rings and rounds of human development." ML # 25 in 2nd
and 3rd editions.

Globe D has seven principles and each human being residing "on" this Globe
D has seven principles. See ML # 13 (2nd and 3rd eds.), third questions and
answer. Morya says: "Thus the [physical] body of man is wedded to and
remains for ever with the [physical] body of his planet [Globe D in this case].
etc. etc.

When Eldon is finished posting the ML quotes, I will add a few more comments.

Daniel Caldwell

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