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To Daniel H on Questions Given by Daniel Caldwell

Sep 20, 1995 09:39 PM

Daniel H:

I hope that you will take the time and effort to consider the series
of questions I gave you a day or so ago. I also hope that you will
feel moved to take the time and effort to post some answers or
replies on Theos-l to these questions.  I feel (from my perspective)
that a fruitful dialogue (a 2 way discussion) cannot occur between
you and most members of theos-l without frank, honest discussion of
the subject matter raised in the questins I initially posted.

As I read your postings, I am impressed with the thought that you are like
a person on the 26th story of a building who is concerned with only the
structure of that 26th floor but is possibly blissfully unaware of the 25
floors below not to mention the foundation of the building. In other words,
you assume a GREAT DEAL that needs to be discussed. You quote the Old and
New Testaments as though this is your only authority or source. If this
statement is true, why do you ignore other religious scriptures such as the
Bhagavad-Gita, etc? A Jew might also question why you quote from the New
Testament. etc. etc. etc.

Also since for whatever reason you have decided to become a member of theos-l,
are you interested in knowing more about the Theosophical view on many of the
subjects you write on? What did HPB say on the subject of God or the belief
that only the Christian Bible can be considered as inspired by God and all other
so-called religious scriptures are only the works of mortal men or that they
are "inspired" by Satan and his legion of demons? etc. etc. etc. etc.

Daniel Caldwell

P.S. I look forward to replies to my series of questions.

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