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More thoughts on abortion

Sep 20, 1995 04:20 AM
by Richtay


I think you are right to question why we as humans kill each other -- it's
not for food as the animals do. And if the goal of Theosophical work is the
welfare of humanity, as you say, then why not use that moral standard in
judging all action, our own and that of others?

Whose welfare is furthered through abortion? Do we do it for the baby? But
we know that any baby comes to incarnate with us because it has karmic ties
with us. I does not come to us randomly. So we are rejecting the
fulfillment of that karma when we kill the vehicle of that incoming soul.

Perhaps we rationalize it and say the baby will do better elsewhere. Will
it? Or will it's karma just bring it back to us later, this time with a much
darker edge? And if the baby comes to us in part because of it's karma with
our race, social and economic status, etc., in short, the kind of life it
would lead with us, then when we abort the fetus, he baby will still have the
same karma it alsways had, and will seek a similar birth elsewhere, no? How
has it gained through the process?

I don't see how the welfare of the baby is served by abortion.

Nor do I see how the welfare of the mother or parents is served either.
 Because of sexual activity, a responsibility has arisen. The responsiblity
is denied, it is stated the the time or conditions are not right (as if
Nature doesn't bring things at the appropriate time), and it would be too
difficult or too dangerous to bring out the soul in that body. This seems
self-serving and is therefore on the face of it selfish, and not concerned
for the welfare of all concerned.

Rather, abortion seems destructive all around. Does this mean we should go
around making women who have had or will have abortions feel miserable? No,
this would be cruel. What's done is done, but education is what is necessary
to reduce this unfortunate crime. It is a crime against Nature, and Nature's
processes, so let Nature punish if she will, not us. And let the
mother-to-be make her own decision, but with all the FACTS in hand.


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