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Re: Abortion Mills

Sep 20, 1995 01:06 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

>Murder,Abortion & Death?
>Strong Language?

No irresponsible language.

>OK how about...
>The removal of fetal tissue from the womb is pre-emptive to sustaining life.
>And those that remove fetal tissue should be prevented permanently from
>these actions.

That is considerably better since it doesn't advocate how to permanently
prevent abortion. Your first post could be taken to imply murdering those
who perform abortions. Permanent prevention could relate to lawful means
through legistlation and professional monitoring.

>Did you know that Jesus & Paul were for the death penalty?

No I didn't but I knew that the Mosaic law in its early form did. I don't
don't think Jesus saying that you should love your enemies rather than
extract an eye for an eye would lead to his advocating a death penalty.

Anyway thank you for rephrasing your comment to include "the possibility"
of a more moral response to abortionists.


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