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Re: Abortion Mills

Sep 19, 1995 11:05 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>>Perhaps what I said about tentative tolerance could apply here. This post
>>boarders on cyber-terrorism. It advocates an action which is totally
>>immoral no matter what you believe about abortion. My opinion is not made
>>up ultimately, and I do not want to be dogmatic either way, but my mind is
>>made up about this sort of language on the net.
>Murder,Abortion & Death?
>Strong Language?
>OK how about...
>The removal of fetal tissue from the womb is pre-emptive to sustaining life.
>And those that remove fetal tissue should be prevented permanently from
>these actions.
>Did you know that Jesus & Paul were for the death penalty?


This is still the woman's choice no matter how much you men think you are
being so gallant in defending the little children. It's so easy for the men
to decide on an issue which will never really involve anything that they
have to do. I don't hear you speaking out against pre-marital sex and I
also don't hear anyone speaking out for vegetarianism which traditionally IS
a more theosophical issue than birth control. Does everyone here protect
the lives of animals and refuse to eat meat?

Every time I refuse to have sex and germinate an ovum I am denying life to
an individual. Shall we go back to the days when women, especially
Catholics, had one baby after another until they died or were unable to bear?

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