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Question 003 important

Sep 20, 1995 02:42 AM
by Mikhail Moiseikin

>This one's a long shot, but perhaps Mikhail can advise. I see
>a new book on Theosophy listed on OCLC, and it's from Armenia.
>The author is Pargew Martirosian, the title/subtitle is Es em
>chanaparhe: kristoneutean ew iogayi, teosofiayi, atroposofiayi
>astutschanachoghakan hamakargeri endhanur uruagtser ew
>knnakan-hamematakan tesutiun. Published in Erevan by Gandzasar
>astuatsabanakan kentron in 1995.
>1) Can anyone read the above?
>2) Does anyone know anything about the Theosophical presence in

Unfurtunately I haven't any information about modern situation
with theosophy movement in former USSR (if it neccesary I try
to collect it).
I can only say:

Because all respublics of USSR were and are closely connected it is no
different where author live. Maybe only in muslims parts interest to the
theosophy is absent. How exactly modern authors are folowing "conditional"
canons of HPB theosophy - it is a "big" question. As I could read many
authors who mixed ideas and created surrogat books.

Be carefull to the new editions from Russia:

For example yesterday I was shocked: I bought roman-essay of ukrainian
author Ury Kanygin The "Arien's way" Kiev "Ukraine" 1975
(subtitle: Ukraina in spiritual history humanity) .
There much more facts about theosophy that usual writer use for simple
fiction literature.

 Here are several sentenses in my bad translation:

P.20 - In Tibet exept Lama budhism exist more anchiet ariens
 religion. This is light religion of arients God Mitra,
 which supported by spiritual centre Agarti - which is
 antipod of Shambala. Agarty's intellectual base
 concentrate in Asja-Rishi.

P.21 - Big Mahatma Loria from monastery Galaring-Sho /Guru of EPB/
 carried big harm ariens school and bacame adept of Shambala.

P.64 -The main sense spiritual confrontation show simbols Agarti and
 Shambala... Symbol Agarty - Iakov's ladder, Symbol of Shambala -
 Vavilon's tower...Iakov is Arians, the third Bible hero after
 Avraam and Moses.

P.66 - Shambala is substitution God by people and Satana.
 ...Shambala's delegates always support extremists idiologist
 and politics - Marks, Engels, Lenin, Stalin.

P.67 ... HPB was nearest helper of Marks...All Shambalist are
 very militant. Example is Helena Roerich.

P.112 - Fascist ideology based on theory "ice pole" which include ideas
 from Shambala, Gurdgiev, Nicolay and Helene Roerich and
 other big masons.The main theoretic was proffessor Gorbinger.

P.116 - Blavatsky adept Gurdgiev want to meet with Gitler and Stalin.
 ... All masons at the end to fall into hands of ateists,
 bolshevics, fascist, which spiritual bacground is in Shambala.
 (That why all of them are attracted to Tibet).

P.122 - The "White Brotherhod" was created as bufer between masons
 and theosopists. HPB was declared as envoy of mason's
 "White lodge" and her substitute A. Besant was general
 masons inpector of 33 degree initiation.

Enough more for 225 pages book.

I can't check all this position but consider it as
special falsification.

I am sure that author have access to KGB closed materials.
The book was printed for authors money (it impossible for simple
ukrainian scientist) and number of circulation is not shown.
I don't know aim of this falsification.

Earlier I also contacted with one Christian women through
alt.religion.newage. She also wrote me about connection
theosophy and fascism. She advised me to read book/videotape
"Occult and III reich". I could reach it.

Could somebody explaine me nature of such speculations.



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