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Re: Question 002 multipart

Sep 18, 1995 03:48 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>1. How can you describe middle portrait of modern theosophyst:
> Which class he belongs to? (middle, high or low)
> How old is he? (young, middle age)
> What about education (social science, technic or ?)

>2. In your mind what about relation young people to theosophy?
>3. I ask, because it not clear for me how widely and powerful
> this movement now or during last 100 yers?
> HPB gave a lot for westman but what about results?
> Ideas must work for more and more people if they alive or
> should the Secret goverment in Shambala must do everythig for us?

Great minds and literary figures have done work with the T.S. here and also
at an international level. Many of the teachers are occupied with careers at
universities. The speakers have to become really devoted to the Society to
continue teaching among its members because the members raise many difficult
questions and are very critical and selective of whom they wish to listen to
and support. It doesn't matter what level of education you have, just so you
have an inquiring mind. Most of the reading material is very available, even
at libraries, but especially at occult bookstores. If you expect to become a
leader you have to work very hard and make a big impression on many people,
and not just the few people who are in power.

Our group has to compete with many different "wisdom schools" plus
traditional methods of cleric and monastic training. Most people find out
about The Theosophical Society by reading a book either published by our
Publishing House or associated with the movement. Eastern methods of worship
abound in big cities, but in rural settings mostly churches are found.
Parapsychology can be studied at universities.

Do you follow the trends in the paranormal research done in Russia? Do you
have reading material in English as well as Russian? What is your career?

I am a mother of a five year old girl and a 1 year old boy. My husband,
Eldon, works with computers.

My neighbor's husband has travelled to Russia four times and is trying to
start a business there. She has told me that people in Kiev live on $40 a
month and a stick of butter is $1. She said that if her husband had to ship
100 toolboxes there, they would have to have the shipment met at the docs
and guns would have to guard the shipping trucks, etc. She doesn't think you
would get anything that we could send to you through the mail. My neighbor's
friend has a penpal in St. Petersburg who they occasionally give money to,
but it has to be only "brand new bills" and it could take months even with
contacts who are paid to deliver it. She said that you must pay someone even
for travel directions. What is the news about progress in these areas? Do
you own your own computer?

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