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Question 002 multipart

Sep 18, 1995 09:25 AM
by Mikhail Moiseikin

Thanks to all for warm answers to me.
Now I know more about present theosophy organization around world
and about Roerich in US.

That why I want ask the next questions of the beginer:

In your opinion:

1. How can you describe middle portrait of modern theosophyst:

 Which class he belongs to? (middle, high or low)
 How old is he? (young, middle age)
 What about education (social science, technic or ?)

2. In your mind what about relation young people to theosophy?

3. I ask, because it not clear for me how widely and powerful
 this movement now or during last 100 yers?
 HPB gave a lot for westman but what about results?
 Ideas must work for more and more people if they alive or
 should the Secret goverment in Shambala must do everythig for us?

On my country example there was great peak of theosopy interest in
Gorbachev's times, when power of communist ideology was destroyed.
In first HPB books standed accesseble for ordinary people.
Later during capitalist invasion people much more thinking about everyday
needs then about secret knowledges but all who wanted received neccesary
knowledges for futher inside development. And second aspect for
Russions/Ukr. Now we can shoose literature according own interests.
It good time and I very glad that in own 37 I reach it.
I am hungry but don't want return to quit communist last :)

Regards from Kiev


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